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plaster | concrete | polysterene | cast stone


design Marco Merendi & Diego Vencato

Minimum is the first collection of three-dimensional concrete tiles made by Gypsum.

Minimal Art, meant as a reduction to elementary geometric structures both in the artistic field and – in a broader sense – in the architectural field, is the expressive language that has guided this project.

We carried out a research by subtraction, focused on light, form and volume, on the rhythmic repetition of solids and voids, to create something primitive and, at the same time, exciting.

The technique of working with cement has allowed us to obtain geometries that are difficult to achieve with other materials.

Minimum is a collection resistant to dirt and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


design Marco Merendi & Diego Vencato

Open is a concrete tile collection intended to create a harmonious relationship between the geometry of the tiles and the dimensions of the junctions, in a dialogue that is shaped through the careful use of the colour of the concrete and grout.

The triangular fractures break the surface and each element seems to lean against one another, in a delicate balance. Open is available in two sizes that adapt to spaces of different dimensions and that can be placed next to each other, in a proportion of 1 to 2. The collection is suitable for both public and private spaces, indoors and outdoors.


design Marco Merendi & Diego Vencato

The concrete used for Pigmenti is a delicate material, whose softness is disclosed by a surface with a velvet-like tactile sensation.
Colours blend with concrete to form an organic and gentle relationship. This characteristic, together with the thinness of the finish, changes the traditional perception of roughness to give concrete a feeling of preciousness.

Pigmenti is a collection of architecture and design surfaces resistant to dirt. It is suitable for both private and public areas, and for both indoor and outdoor applications.


design CRS Gypsum

Wallnext is a modular system of panels for the production of vertical coverings. Designed to be quickly and easily combined, make it possible to create particularly complex and scenographic three-dimensional surfaces.
The panels – suitable for both indoor and outdoor use – may have different sizes and may be made of different materials: plaster, concrete and laminated polystyrene which can be finished with any type of paint; plaster and concrete can also be integrally colored during the production phase.

The elements are supplied ready for use and installation is done on site thanks to Wallnext modularity.
In addition to the models displayed on the catalogue, it is possible to create surfaces according to the customer’s design.

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