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Mutina – 3d elements



Bloc is a terracotta brick produced with
the artisanship extrusion process. It’s a
three-dimensional element conceived to
build architectural and decorative structures.
It features a Natural version and a palette
of four shades – Pearl, Blue, Red and Grey –
declined in both Matt and Glossy finishes.
The glazed matt modules are obtained by
using some paints from Mutina
Accents, while the glossed ones came from
the application of a bright
transparent ceramic glaze.


Hives features one single module: a hexagonal
brick handcrafted in extruded terracotta,
an ancient material of which it preserves
colour, texture and properties. Konstantin
Grcic drew inspiration for this element
from beehives, the most efficient structures
found in nature, almost infinitely expandable.
Hives can be used both indoor and
outdoor, so long as under cover, placing
the elements in different positions in order
to create contemporary and innovative
aesthetic solutions.



BRAC is a brick designed by artist Nathalie Du Pasquier exclusively for Mutina. BRAC is a design element which is the natural evolution of BRIC. Fascinated by the brick and its possibilities, the artist has elaborated it as a module to be arranged vertically or horizontally, generating unexpected interplays of light and shadow within any environment.


Jali – form of decoration typical of the Indian architecture, composed by perforated rocks with
an ornamental motif, translated as grid – is a simple and functional terracotta brick with delicate
shapes, conceived to build structures and decorative furnishings of various kind. The collection
features a three-dimensional element in the size 24x24x12 cm, produced by extrusion, available in
three colours: Neutro, the natural version, Nero and Bianco, with a glossy finish.
Jali can be placed indoor and outdoor, and it has been conceived to play with installation as much
as possible. The infinite solutions allow to create dynamic compositions, architectural elements and
furnishings, overcoming the two-dimensional quality of surfaces



Renga – a term used in Japanese culture to indicate a traditional form of poetry characterised by the
alternation of long and short stanzas that can be literally translated as «chain poetry» – is the new
three-dimensional element designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Mutina, conceived as a brick with
which to create partition walls, but also as a decorative object in its own right.


Mistral is inspired by the echo of
ancient architectures. During a visit
to the Italian countryside, we noticed
how terracotta vent tiles were also
used to provide natural ventilation
in rural barns and out-buildings. We
started thinking about their function
as a partition, shielding or revealing
certain details, creating cones of
light and shadow within the solid
stone walls of the ancient farmstead.
This was what brought us to Mistral.




Mutina and Patricia Urquiola wanted to reprise the traditional artisanal
production process typical of terracotta. Elements which come
out from earth, imperfect and solid, marked by the hand of man and
by time passing. Roof tiles, bricks, hollow bricks and partition walls
are undone, unstructured and reinterpreted in a new way, keeping a
traditional touch. The wish to exit from two-dimensional spaces typical
of standard wall covering, is translated into the experimentation of
three-dimensional bricks, which gives shape to new design elements,
whose high aesthetic-functional content enables limitless solutions
for indoor and outdoor spaces.

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