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Mutina – Mater by Patricia Urquiola

Mater – name that comes from Materia, matter in Italian, which recalls the earth used to realize the neutral bases of the collection – is a project where glaze becomes the true protagonist, being applied with an innovative glazing technique which allowed for the creation of a tactile effect with great visual impact.

It is an industrial collection able to convey the same sensations of an artisanal product, suitable for residential and commercial spaces, indoor and outdoor.

Mater in produced in porcelain stoneware in the sizes 15×60 cm, 60×60 cm and 120×120 cm, available in a basic version with neutral background in the colors Uni Beige and Uni Moka.

Starting from these two modules, the collection develops into six variants characterized by a glossy finish and a decorative pattern, Segno. Combined with Uni Beige it creates Segno Bianco, Segno Blu and Segno Terra, on Uni Moka it gives birth to Segno Nero, Segno Verde and Segno Ocra.

“Ceramic is a versatile material, adaptable and extremely resistant. It’s a material with which you can experiment a lot and do so much research, as well as working with technology and processes in order to improve them.”

Patricia Urquiola

The collection was inspired by the floor In mutina’s meeting room. Massimo and I wanted to reinterpret that artisanal Element. So, we started this journey full Of empathy and discoveries. In fact, mater Is made of technology, experimentation, Craftsmanship to the eye and to the touch.

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