NOS Hotel


SifNÓS stands out amongst the Cycladic islands in numerous aspects, from the sheer number of chapels peppering the rugged hills, fertile valleys and rocky promontories, to its pottery and culinary traditions, to its colloquialisms. Taking inspiration from the latter, and specifically the way people’s names are whimsically cut in half in everyday conversations, our new hospitality project is named NÓS , a shortened version of the island’s name (Sif-NÓS ). More than a playful abbreviation, NÓS also carries a deep spirit of its own as it represents the Latin pronoun for “we”, “our” or “us” and therefore concisely conveys the sense of belonging at the heart of the hotel’s guest experience. Welcome to NÓS hotel & villas, a tranquil hideaway of understated sophistication inspired by SifNÓS ’s timeless authenticity.

Designed with intimacy, tranquillity and elegance in mind, NÓS is a peaceful hideaway imbued with the island’s vernacular gracefulness and handcrafted finesse where guests can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings in the utmost comfort. Bright and spacious interiors open up to secluded courtyards, terraces and balconies for seamless indoor/outdoor living. Natural materials, earthy textures and hand-crafted details comprise a pared-toned aesthetic of refined simplicity complemented by modern amenities for a laid-back, soothing ambience that makes you instantly feel at home.

Architect K Studio