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Tavar wooden flooring

Tavar produces and sells wood flooring, manufacturing prestigious quality products with a mind to innovation. Experience, versatility, craftsmanship and professionalism are the key strengths that enable us to satisfy the needs of all market segments.

Tavar’s numerous timber/wooden floors are the result of various factors: the careful selection and seasoning of the wood; cutting-edge industrial manufacturing methods able to combine the precious knowledge of good old craftsmanship with the unrelenting quest for innovation in color treatments and surface finishings.



Memento has been developed through the restoration of century-old wood. It is a wood that brings with it the marks of time, traces that make every inch of it unique.

Prestige collection is ideal for those seeking for exceptional quality and re­ned aesthetic

Tavolati delle corti combines the tradition of wide plank floors with contemporary design style.

Bisanzio represents the traditional craft of inlaying and creates sophisticated spaces.

Italy collection represents the true Made in Italy product. It is designed and produced at Tavar factory.

Le spine collection by TAVAR is trendy and timeless patterns are ideal for both modern and vintage design styles.

Ecoplank is ideal for floating installation, bringing the beauty of nature into indoor living spaces.

Ri­essi collection breaks with traditional wood flooring patterns and creates bright spaces by giving a colourful and vibrant look.

Simple’s Suitable for every room and ideal for renovation projects.

Tradizionali These solid wood traditional paquet, available in various wood species, remain the most valued for those who appreciate the natural wood color.



Different spaces tell different stories: Tavar outdoor collection proposes a refined vision of outdoor living. A contemporary way of living outdoor spaces surrounded by the elegance of wood.

A vision in which colours, surfaces and suggestions coalesce in harmony with nature.

Tavar deck finds its best location in private and public outdoor spaces.

Ideal for baths, spas, saunas, swimming pools, gyms and its also suitable for external cladding.

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